Renters Have Options Too!

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As a renter, your landlord has Homeowners Insurance on the building itself, but is not liable for your belongings inside the dwelling. Renters Insurance is an affordable way to cover your personal property against fire, theft, and vandalism. Typically, Renters Insurance provides:

  • Personal Property Protection - Covers the loss or damage of personal belongings on or off premises
  • Liability Protection - Provides legal representation and protection against judgments for covered events
  • Guest Medical Protection - Covers medical costs for visitors injured at a renter's home
  • Reimbursed Living Expenses - Covers costs of temporary housing

Another great benefit is that if you combine your Auto and Renters Insurance you can save! You can potentially get up to a 20% discount just for bundling your Auto and Renters policies together! Keeping your Auto and Renters Insurance with the same company provides the added convenience of having all of your policies in the same place and a better understanding of your insurance needs.

We work with some of the most reputable insurance carriers in the state: