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Shopping for car insurance is confusing and time consuming. At MassDrive, we quickly give you multiple online quotes from leading insurance companies in Massachusetts, including those companies up there. Plus, our team of licensed insurance agents make sure that you have the right coverage, not just the most affordable policy. No one wants to file a claim only to find out they aren’t as covered as they thought. Our technology and team make it easy for you to find the insurance policy that’s right for you.

Here’s how the process works:

1. Give us your zip code

Insurance rates can vary from place to place. Give us your exact location for a more accurate quote.

2. Drivers, cars and coverage

To find you the best and most accurate rate, we need details on what you want to cover. We’ve streamlined our form to make this as painless and fast as possible.

3. The Quotes

The star of the show. We shop you with several leading insurance companies to see who wants you most (or who can provide you the best rate!).

4. Close the deal

One quick call with one of our licensed insurance agents to double check your information, answer your questions, and find any additional discounts. That’s is all that stands between you and your new insurance policy.